The Give Back Raffle

raffle-business-eventDuring the event, we will be doing a random raffle. You will have the opportunity to purchase raffle tickets (a portion of ticket sales will go to our non-profit beneficiary*) and place your tickets in the drawing bag next to the prize YOU WOULD LIKE TO WIN! The more tickets you put in a bag, the more chances you have to win! Or put several tickets in multiple bags for different prizes!

ANYONE is welcome to make a prize contribution…

Please include tangible items in your prize contribution. (i.e. not just a gift certificate or coupon for discount off purchase). Just complete the form below and then, simply bring your prize with you to the event when you check in at the registration desk!

Contribute a prize of value to the Explosion Random Raffle!

Title NAME of your PRIZE:*
DESCRIPTION of Your Prize:*
Prize Value (optional):
Contributor Name:*
Company Name:
Contact Email:*

(IMPORTANT!! PLEASE NOTE: We can NOT print or create your flyer, gift certificate or other prize giveaway nor are we able to “gift wrap” or package your prize for you. To contribute to the raffle, you must physically bring your contribution to the event ready to be placed as is on the raffle table.)

*Non-profit beneficiary to be announced. If you’d like your favorite LOCAL non-profit to be considered, please email producer, Shonna Jordan